Nancy Mignone, CMT

Massage Therapy, Blacksburg, VA


Thank you, Nancy, for getting rid of all the unusual and sudden pains in lower back, upper legs, gluteal muscles and other places which were so bad last summer I could neither sit, nor lie, nor sleep. You knew exactly what to do, and at the end of the massage all pains were gone. Your special style of massage always relaxes me totally. Thank you!

I.B., Certified Massage Therapist in Blacksburg    


I've received massages from Nancy for 13 years. During that time I've visited a variety of spas across the east coast (including some of the "big names" like the Homestead, and the Boar's Head Spa) and I have never received better body work than what Nancy has provided me -- which I don't say lightly, as I am a self-admitted persnickety person. She's helped me through issues with my hips, feet, back, neck and shoulders, always with a loving touch, in a warm and peaceful environment. My freelance writing puts strain on my shoulder and neck, and her knowledge of and focused efforts on those areas in combination with the stretches she teaches me (she sends me home with photocopied instructions!) allows me to continue to do what I love.

Lesley Howard, Blacksburg, VA


I love to work outdoors, planting, grafting, and maintaining research plots in field and forest. I love to swim, workout, and compete with my team at Masters' meets. I am 72 and have a very high pain threshold which tends to cause many soft-tissue injuries; you don't feel them until it is too late. I rely on Nancy Mignone for massage to speed up recovery and stay in the game. Without her help, I would never have made All American or indeed, even made it to some of those meets where we have so much fun.

Lucille Griffin, Executive Director, American Chestnut Cooperators' Foundation and lifetime member, Virginia Masters Swim Team


I continue to refer my clients to Nancy for Massage and bodywork because
I know that they will receive whatever it is that they may be needing;
deep work, energy work, gentle... and that she always allows enough time
for thorough work as well. I feel and know that she has developed great skill in what she is doing and sharing. In addition, Nancy intuitively allows for quiet. My need to deeply relax is honored by her willingness to be quiet when I am and yet, she artfully engages in conversation when I am the one to speak up ~ I love that! Nancy, thank you for giving me the experience I am seeking each time I come to you for your services.

Anna Pittman, Yoga Teacher, Blacksburg, VA



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