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Investing in massage is an investment in your health. Massage sessions include deep tissue, trigger point, and myofascial release.  You may specify which type of massage is emphasized.

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $65

90 minutes $85

Cranial Sacral Therapy $55

Reiki or Pranic Healing $55

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Payment is due when services are rendered. You may pay in cash or check.

Blacksburg massage cranial sacral therapy

Deep tissue massage breaks up the adhesions (“stuck” tissue, and muscle knots) caused by injury and chronic muscle tension, restoring mobility and circulation. It employs many of the same strokes as “classic western” (i.e. Swedish) massage:  kneading, pressing, deep strokes, and cross-fiber friction.   The movement is slower, pressure deeper, and focus concentrated on areas of pain and tension.

Trigger points are locally tender areas of the muscle caused by injury and overuse. They may be locally painful, or refer pain elsewhere in the body.  That is, sometimes the source of your pain is not exactly where it hurts, but coming from a trigger point somewhere else in the body.  Janet Travell, MD (JFK’s personal physician), and her colleague, David Simons, MD mapped reliable trigger points and their pain patterns.  Your pain pattern can be the clue we need to find and work on the trigger point(s) that alleviate your pain and muscle tension.

Myofascial release is the engagement and stretching of the connective tissue to facilite pain relief, muscle relaxation, and increased mobility. It can feel deep, yet not painful, and like passive stretching of the skin and muscle.   For more about what it is, Wikipedia has a nice article. I have completed Advanced Myofascial Trainings on how to work with the back and, and on the sacrum/pelvis with local Rolfer Chris Powhowsky.

The heart of cranial sacral therapy is listening from a place of stillness. Gentle work on the head, sacrum, legs and feet allow your body to re-align and release tension. This technique helps release restrictions in your body’s connective tissues.  The results can include improvement in your mobility, body function, health, and well-being. Cranio-sacral therapy can be used in conjunction with or as an effective substitute for massage, and can be used when invasive techniques or deep work is contraindicated.

Reiki is a Japanese healing system of “laying on of hands.”  Reiki means divinely guided life force energy.  Healing energy is channeled to you through chakra and organ points by placement of the practitioner’s hands on or above the body. Reiki can help with both physical and mental/emotional issues.

Pranic Healing is energy work developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.  It uses simple techniques to clean and energize the chakras and diseased or dysfunctional parts of the energy and physical bodies.  The work on the energy body is done around, but off of, the physical body.  


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